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MHC After 3


MHC After 3 provides afterschool programming to middle and high school students in Martinsville-Henry County. The hours between 3-6 p.m. are critical to the success of students and research shows that students who go somewhere after school are successful. Parents and students in Martinsville-Henry County helped to create programming to foster students culturally, intellectually, and physically. MHC After 3 uses the the Triple A model (Arts, Athletics, and Academics) to give students what they want.

MHC After 3 High School Application (school year)

MHC After 3 Middle School Application (school year)


Middle School Summer Camp Application

High School Summer Camp Application


MHC After 3 participants participate in activities at one of five sites during the school year:

1. Bassett Community Center

2. Fieldale Collinsville Middle School

3. Martinsville High School

4. Bassett High School

5. Magna Vista High School

6. Stone Memorial Church