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Godwin, Boaz Present at National Medical Conference

Noel Boaz            Angelina Godwin

Noel Boaz (l) and Angelina Godwin (r)

Dr. Angeline Godwin, president of Patrick Henry Community College, and Dr. Noel Boaz, president of Integrative Centers for Science and Medicine (ICSM), attended and presented the Pathways Into Health 7th National Conference from March 11-13 in Albuquerque, N.M.

Boaz’s submission, “Narrative Learning in a Premedical Educational Pipeline: A Blended Learning Culturally-Attuned Program for Native American Students Leading to Medical School,” was selected for presentation at the conference.

Boaz said he and Godwin shared stories designed to engender thoughts and questions from the audience to spur active learning. He said his goals are to create pathways of educating pre-medical students to get into medical school, and focus on bringing in students who may not have had a heavy scientific background into the medical sciences field. 

“We’re intending to be the first national medical focusing on that group,” Boaz said. “One of the reasons we’re generally focused on disadvantaged populations is because we’re in a region that has very significant health needs. We’re trying to reach out to various ethnicities, rural and low-income Americans to make it (medical school) accessible in terms of finances and entry levels.”

He’s currently working to develop educational pipelines in Martinsville to medical school. He’s planning a nine-month, pre-medical institute program for students of any background who have finished college, but want to go through an intensive program to prepare for medical school and taking the MCAT (Medical College Admission Test). 

Godwin said it’s important for community colleges to realize that healthcare is “core to the well-being of our community. In addressing healthcare disparities on one side – especially African Americans, Latinos and American Indians – and healthcare careers on the other, our partnership with ISCM and Dr. Boaz reflects our mission.”

PHCC also will start to offer an associate degree in general studies with a specialization in medical sciences starting this fall.

“The PHCC-ICSM joint program in medical education promises to give individuals, who may have thought that becoming a physician was never an option, a doable pathway. It’s located in this community, while serving a global audience,” Godwin said.

The target date for starting classes at ICSM is September 2015. Boaz said he is still in the process of accreditation.