You see them everywhere, every day. They are doctors, lawyers, police officers, teachers. They are nurses, judges, and legal assistants. Some are network administrators. Others are social workers. They direct and own businesses. They provide the support that keeps our economy going. They are your neighbors and they have something in common. They are among the 60,000 students who have studied at Patrick Henry Community College.

We value our alumni and want to stay connected with graduates, former students, and friends of the college who embrace and support the mission of the institution.  We want to promote the interaction of faculty, staff and current students with alumni, members of the community, and friends.

PHNews is our alumni newsletter to share news about the college and for alumni to share educational, occupational and/or personal aspects of their lives after they attended PHCC.  Friends of the college may also want to connect with the college and show support of the programs and services that PHCC has been offering in the region since 1962. 

Connecting with other alumni and friends of PHCC helps you to:

  • Keep in touch with classmates, favorite teachers, support staff and other friends
  • Learn how the institution has grown and flourished over the span of several decades
  • Find out about new programs of study and growing opportunities for guaranteed admission to four-year colleges and universities
  • Network for professional opportunities to build or expand career pathways
  • Learn how to contribute to the efforts of the PHCC Foundation to provide funds for student scholarships, equipment and professional development opportunities for faculty and staff 

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