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Institutional Advancement

The Office of Institutional Advancement is charged with promoting a positive image of PHCC to both internal and external audiences, and with raising private funds in support of the college.

Institutional Advancement Mission: The mission of the Institutional Advancement Office is to foster understanding of and support for Patrick Henry Community College. Institutional Advancement encompasses all activities and programs undertaken by the college to secure the human and fiscal resources needed to achieve its overall mission and goals. Effective Institutional Advancement strengthens the college by enhancing its image, promoting goodwill in the community, raising money, and developing positive relationships with internal and external constituencies.

Organizational Structure: The Institutional Advancement Office at PHCC is organized into two units: Development and Public Information. This comprehensive program includes the following functions: fundraising, grants, public relations, marketing, internal and external communications, publications, alumni affairs, media relations, and governmental/legislative relations.

Vision for Institutional Advancement:

1. Build a comprehensive development program for long-term fundraising success, and make PHCC a model for private sector fundraising in two-year colleges.

2. Position the PHCC Foundation in the top tier of community college foundations, and continue to enhance its visibility, stature, and prestige in the community, within the VCCS, and among peer institutions nationwide.

3. Infuse advancing and emerging technologies, and engage in state-of-the-art professional practices to achieve exemplary fundraising and public relations success.

4. Promote the advancement of the institution to the forefront of community college education through the efforts of a well-qualified, dedicated, trained professional staff that is a model of the institutional advancement office for the future.

5. Actively engage in continuous improvement, and foster excellence in all aspects of institutional advancement.

The Public Relations Office is responsible for media and community relations, promotions, publications, and special events.

The Patrick Henry Community College Foundation has received national recognition for its successes in raising money to help pay for needs that cannot be paid for with state funds. The PHCC Foundation Board is comprised of local community leaders who share their influence and expertise in this endeavor. For more information, visit the Foundation.