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Distance Learning

Distance learning is an integral part of Patrick Henry Community College's purpose and mission. The college is committed to relevant instruction that places the learner's needs first and uses a variety of delivery systems to produce lifelong learners. PHCC provides geographically, financially and electronically accessible education that enhances the quality of life in the community.

Distance learning at Patrick Henry Community College is defined as a formal educational process in which the majority of the instruction occurs when student and instructor are not in the same place. Distance learning courses at PHCC enable students to achieve their educational goals by delivering academically sound courses and educational support services that are flexible and responsive. Courses are designed for students who are unable to travel to the main campus, or who need to work independently to pursue academic goals outside the traditional classroom setting. Distance learning courses are equivalent academically to traditional courses, and many meet general education and transfer requirements. Distance education courses require a strong student commitment.

Students can take a single course or earn a degree or certificate through distance learning. However, distance learning is NOT for everyone. Successful distance learning students are not procrastinators; possess good learning and study strategies; are highly motivated; and are good readers.

To help you determine if you are a candidate for distance learning, please complete the evaluation “Are Distance Learning Courses for You?

All PHCC distance learning courses are web-based. Therefore, distance learning students must have access to a computer with an Internet connection. If home access is not available, the college provides a number of computer labs with this access. Distance learning courses are listed in the Class Schedule and can be identified by the words “Distance Learning” in place of the days.

Distance learning courses begin and end on the same date as traditional courses. Students enrolling in any distance learning course should have their textbooks and other required material purchased by the beginning of classes. Textbooks and materials can be purchased at the campus bookstore or on the Book Store's Website.

For additional valuable information on surviving BlackBoard - Surviving Distance Learning and BlackBoard.

Online Education - Learning Strategies for Success - Distance Learning requires self-discipline and self-awareness. A successful Distance Learner must know their own learning style and how to work within their boundaries. The link above offers some great tutorials and information on Distance Learning - Learning Strategies. Special Thanks to Barbara Hayes' class for finding the great link.

Orientation to Distance Learning: The Orientation to Distance Learning is suggested for all students who are new to DL. The orientation consist of short How-To Videos.