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Academic records shall be retained either on paper copy or electronically for permanent, three-year, and one-year periods at least as indicated below.

  • Permanent Retention - from date of student graduation or transfer from the college. Student Permanent Record - The record is retained electronically and the original may be destroyed afterward.
  • Three-Year Retention- from the date of student graduation or withdrawal from the college. These documents, which generally comprise the Student Admissions files, shall not be microfilmed.
    1. Application forms (Matriculated students)
    2. Letter(s) of acceptance
    3. Relevant admission correspondence
    4. Transcripts - other colleges
    5. Transcripts - high schools
    6. Immigration and Naturalization Service forms
    7. Advanced Placement information
    8. Readmission forms
    9. Withdrawal from college forms
    10. Residency classification forms
    11. Requests and disclosures of information (only transactions without student's permission)
  • Three-Year Retention- From date of origination. These documents shall not be microfilmed.
    1. Registration/Identification forms (hard copy)
    2. Add/Drop forms (hard copy)
    3. Withdrawal from class forms (hard copy)
    4. Faculty grade reports (Registrar's copy)
    5. Educational placement tests results
  • One-Year Retention- From date of origination. These documents shall not be microfilmed.
    1. Transcript request forms
    2. Graduation request forms
    3. Application forms (Non-matriculated students)
    4. Change of Grade forms
    5. Curriculum acceptance/change forms
    6. Graduation certifications
    7. Graduation checklists
    8. Name change requests and authorizations

Disposal/destruction of original records will be done by shredding, burning, pulping, or any combination thereof. The Student Permanent Record shall be the only official document of a student's academic history and for records reconciliation.