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Frequently Asked Questions about Distance Learning and BlackBoard

Q: My classes are not showing on BlackBoard. It says I am not enrolled in any classes or it is only showing previous courses.

A: Our Distance Learning Courses do not open until the beginning of the term. Also the process to get you in Bb courses takes 24-48 hours after you register for a class. If it is after the beginning of the term and you registered for classes more than 48 hours ago, you should contact our BbSupport. (Please be sure to indicate which course is missing).

 Q: Not all of my classes are listed on BlackBoard.

A: All Distance Learning courses should be shown on BlackBoard. If you have a class that is not showing (and you registered for the class more that 48 hours ago) please contact our BbSupport. (Please be sure to indicate which course is missing). Not all instructors use BlackBoard for traditional (in class) courses, therefore some of your traditional courses will not show in Bb.

Q: I still have classes showing from previous terms.

A: Bb courses will continue to have you enrolled in them for one year beyond the end of the class. This is required for our record keeping. You can hide those courses by clicking on the "little wheel (gear)" icon on the upper right of the "My BlackBoard Courses" box. Then clear all the check boxes to the right of the course(s) you no longer wish to see. Then scroll down and click Submit.

Q: When I log in to BlackBoard it still shows me as attending another Virginia Community College.

A: Our BlackBoard system is shared with by all 23 Virginia Community Colleges. Your PHCC courses will still show once they are available. If you wish to change your BlackBoard school affiliation so that you receive PHCC news and information please follow these steps:
  1. Login to the myPHCC/myVCCS page (
  2. Choose VCCS SIS: Student Information System
  3. On the Self Service page – choose “Campus Personal Information”
  4. Then choose “User Preferences”
  5. Change the Institution to “Patrick Henry Community College”
  6. Click [SAVE]

Q: My classes are showing on BlackBoard. However, every time I go into a course it only shows me the Announcements/Home Page and will not show me the links to the course content.

A: You have turned off your menu on your courses OR you are going to the wrong place from the My BlackBoard Courses Module.


 Q: I have changed my password and can login to myPHCC but BlackBoard still asks me to log in again.

A: The process of changing your password can take up to 30 minutes to roll across to all servers.

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