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Testing Center

Learning Lab & Testing Center: located on the 1st floor of the Learning Resource Center (LRC).

The Learning Lab provides an open computer lab staffed with well-qualified lab assistants and a testing center for students who need to take make-up and/or distance learning tests. 

The Computer Lab: Currently there are 42 Dell computers each with Internet access and Microsoft Office. Printing is available through WEPA with black & white prints (10 cents a page) and color prints (50 cents a page). WEPA cards can be purchased in the college bookstore. The Computer Lab is open to anyone in the community, however, priority will be given to active students who are working on class work.

Testing: Make-Up and Distance Learning Testing: Testing is provided for PHCC Distance Learning Courses. Additionally, the testing center will proctor tests for other community colleges and senior institutions. Test proctoring is available to students in face-to-face classes for legitimate make-up situations as instructed by individual faculty members.

Policies: Any student wishing to take a test in the PHCC testing center, off-campus site, or other approved testing site must adhere to the following policies:

Prior to taking a test, students must:

  • submit a picture proof of identity;
  • provide their EMPID, Course Number, Instructor's name and Test information (test #, web course, etc.)
  • allow adequate time to take the test (tests will not be given out one hour prior to closing); and must be completed by closing time;
  • unless otherwise instructed, leave all books and other belongings in the assigned area (lockers are provided for purses, laptops, iPads and other valuables).

Once in the testing area, students:

  • are not allowed to converse with anyone;
  • must turn off all electronic devices (ie., cell phones and palm pilots);
  • may not leave the testing area (exception: restroom break - students must submit testing materials to staff prior to going to the restroom).
  • will receive a testing receipt by email upon returning the completed test to a staff member.
Students taking tests at other approved proctor sites are responsible for postage for mailing their tests back, if necessary.
The Testing Center Staff or Proctor will not:
  • give a test to someone without proper identification
  • provide a make-up test that does not have the student's name
  • make copies of tests without prior approval form the instructor
  • allow students to see test prior to taking the test
  • allow students to work together on a test
  • allow children in the testing area
  • issue a test later than one hour before closing
  • allow a student to work on a test that has already been started and turned in unless prior arrangements have been made with the instructor
  • inform students of grades, either in person or over the telephone

Testing Center Hours:

Summer Hours-
Monday – Thursday:  8am – 7pm
Friday:  8am – 5pm
Saturday: 9am - 2pm 
Sunday:  Closed

Spring and Fall Semesters-
Monday-Thursday: 8am-9pm
Friday: 8am-5pm
Saturday: 9am-2pm

*The Testing Center will close at 5:00pm when classes are not in session*

Tests will not be given one hour prior to closing:  all tests must be returned to the Testing Center Assistant by closing time. You must show an ID to take any test.

The PHCC Testing lab provides test proctoring service for:  Distance Learning Courses (both PHCC and other colleges), Make-up tests for regular classes and Distance Learning Testing.

Policies and Procedures: The Policies are also governed by the individual instructor so please check with your instructor before arriving to take your test. You can find the proctor guide lines and form on the right side menu under Test Proctoring Procedures & Form.

Need more information you can email  or call 656-0358.

Instructors - Test Check in