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Motorsports Fabrication and Set Up Technology

AWARD:  After satisfactorily completing courses with a "C" average (2.0), the student should contact the registrar's office and apply for graduation after verification that all program requirements have been met. Students interested in a certificate, diploma or associate degree should talk to a counselor to investigate the possibilities of using these courses in other curricula.

LENGTH:   Variable for upgrading, retraining and continuing career students. The options within this program normally amount to the minimum equivalent of one semester of full-time community college work and not more than the equivalent of a year (9-29) credits.

To provide advanced skills and knowledge in the production of round track race cars to meet workforce needs of race teams. Students must maintain a 2.5 Curriculum Grade Point Average to stay in the program.

Graduates will have fundamental skills for race car component installation and repair. Graduates will demonstrate proficiency structural alignment, vehicle set up for prescribed environments, and adjustment to track conditions.

Students must meet the general admission requirements established by the college.

Certain certificate-related courses require satisfactory scores on college placement tests. Students with deficiencies will be required to complete satisfactorily developmental studies courses before enrolling in these courses. Other certificate-related courses may be taken while developmental studies are being completed. Some programs, such as Therapeutic Massage require additional expenditures for supplies and equipment. Please check with the appropriate division chair for this information.

Students must successfully complete all of the requirements listed below to receive the Award.

MTS 130  Motorsports Chassis Technology (3)
MTS 131  Motorsports Chassis Technology II (3)
MTS 132  Motorsports Chassis Technology III (3)
MTS 135  Sheet Metal Fabrication (3)
MTS 210  Race Car Setup I (3)
MTS 211  Race Car Setup II (4)
MTS 290 Coordinated Internship II (2)
MTS 295  Chassis Machine Fabrication (3)
MTS 295  Machine Welding (3)
MTS 298  Race Car Setup III (3)
SDV 108  College Survival Skills (1)

Students must complete the above 29 credit hours to be awarded the Career Studies Certificate in Motorsports Fabrication and Set Up Technology.


Program Disclosure 2009-2010
Program Disclosure 2010-2011