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Students wanting to register for classes should not do so without first speaking to an academic advisor. Failing to do so could result in registering for an incorrect class and/or being charged for a class that isn't covered by financial aid. 

Once you have met with an academic advisor, follow the instructions below:

Login to "myPHCC LOGIN" (located at the top of the home page)
Click "VCCS SIS:Student Information System"

Search for a Class...
 Self Service -> Enrollment -> Class Search/Browse Catalog
 Select the Institution and Term that you want to search for classes
 Select Go
 Enter the Course Prefix in the Course Subject box and the Course Number in the Course Number box ( i.e. ENG 111) and Search

Add Classes
  Self Service ->Enrollment ->Enrollment: Add Classes
  Enter the class number (example 22079) or Search for Class to view the Schedule of Classes.
  After entering all Class Numbers, Proceed to Step 2 of 3
  Check the classes that you entered and if correct Finish Enrolling
  View Results of all classes added; a green check indicates you successfully enrolled, a red "X" indicates you are unable to add this class.

Drop Classes
  Self Service -> Enrollment: Drop Classes
  Select the classes that you wish to drop.
  Select Drop Selected Classes
  Confirm your selection and then Finish Dropping
  View your results and then view My Class Schedule you may also print your schedule
  If you drop a class after the last day to withdraw, the grade automatically becomes an "F"
  If you drop a class after the last date to add but before the last day to withdraw, you will receive a grade of "W"
  Be sure to verify whether your grade is "W" or "F" and refer questions to the Registrar's Office

Make a Credit Card Payment
 Self Service -> Student Center
 If you are unable to see your account balance, under the Personal Information section select User Preferences from the Student Center page, select Patrick Henry Community College and SAVE

To make a payment: select Make a Payment
  How to use QuikPay

Need help?  Watch these short videos to learn more!