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Trade Act


Thank you for allowing Patrick Henry Community College to assist you during this training period. This flow chart is to serve as a guide to assist you prior to registration and enrollment into training here at PHCC.

As a dislocated worker that is trade impacted, you will need to be co-enrolled with both the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) and Trade Adjustment Assistance (VEC) programs before PHCC can enroll you into training. There are certain steps that you will need to follow and they are outlined below.

Please Follow This Flow Chart When Determining Your Next Steps.


Have you filed a Trade Act Claim through the Virginia Employment Commission, and received by mail an Entitlement Determination (VEC Form ETA 8-57)? If not, call (276) 634-3600 for an appointment. This letter will explain if you are or are not entitled to training. Continue to next step.


Have you registered & enrolled into the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) program at your local Workforce Center, and have taken the assessment tests (CareerScope and TABE)? Make sure you have kept all appointments with them.  If not, call (276) 634-3600 for an appointment. When you have completed these entire requirements, Continue to the next step.


You will then need to meet with a Trade Act Representative from the VEC local office to discuss your training options. If it is determined that training is needed, your TRA representative will, in consultation with you, identify a program of study and indicate that program on the Cost Estimate Sheet, and give you a VEC Training Cost Estimate form to bring to PHCC to have completed on your program of interest. Continue to the next step.


Apply for admission to PHCC. Although it may be more convenient to utilize the on-line application, you are encouraged to come into the Admissions Office and complete the application. Since, at this point, you have not been approved for training and you must indicate a curriculum on the Application for Admission, you should initiate a Student Information Change Form immediately to reflect the program of study on the VEC Form 8-58, once it is received. After the Application for Admission is processed, you will receive your EMPL ID (student ID#). Your EMPL ID is required to take the Placement Test (placement test), which is scheduled regularly. Results of the Placement are needed to complete the Cost Estimate. (Please allow 1-2 weeks for this process!) Students are strongly encouraged to apply for Financial Aid (FAFSA) at this time. WIA students are required to submit the FAFSA. Continue to the next step.


To respect everyone’s time and responsibilities, YOU MUST SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT with a PHCC representative by calling (276) 656-5480 to complete the Cost Estimate Sheet(s) (within 6 weeks prior to first day of classes). You may need to see your advisor before scheduling an appointment for a Cost Estimate if you are interested in one of the following programs of study:

  • Automotive Body – Robert Wagoner (656-0269)
  • Automotive Engines – Ed Anthony (403-5790)
  • CADD (Computer Aided Drafting & Design) – Lloyd Cannaday (656-0265)
  • Culinary – Rhonda Hodges (656-0256)
  • Electricity/Electronics – George Smith (656-0266) – Rich Wilcox (656-0279)
  • Heating and Air – Mike Bryant (656-0351)
  • Human Services – Cheryl Joyce (656-0310)
  • LPN or RN – Must be accepted into the program before Trade Act will pay. Call 656-0297 for an appointment before getting a Cost Estimate.
  • Motorsports – Talmage Thomas (638-8777, ext. 0463)
  • Nurse Aid (CNA) – Joe Gravely (656-0298) or Nursing Department (656-0297)
  • Welding – Dwight Bower (656-0252)
  • Health Sciences students (CNA, Pharmacy Tech., Massage Therapy, LPN, RN) should check for advising dates and other information on the Health Sciences page. You will need to submit your high school transcript, GED, or any other college transcript(s).

Continue to the next step.


Please return the Training Cost Estimate Form to the VEC with the following: a list of all required tools, supplies, and uniforms with their costs; one copy of the curriculum and one copy of the Placement Test results. The PHCC representative will then complete the rest of the training enrollment process with you through the Trade Act program. Continue to the next step.


After you have completed all of the previous steps in order, the VEC Trade Act case manager will give you a completed copy of VEC Form 8-58. You will need to give one (1) copy of this form to WIA and PHCC. Return to PHCC to finish your registration process and enroll into classes. Your VEC Form 8-58 serves as your contract between PHCC and the VEC, so bring this form with you to the PHCC Financial Aid office.