PHCC Distinguished Alumni Nominations Sought

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The Patrick Henry Community College Foundation is seeking nominations for PHCC graduates to be named “Distinguished Alumni” during the Seventh Annual PHCC Distinguished Alumni Dinner. The deadline to make a nomination is February 25, 2013.

To be considered, nominees must have graduated with a degree or certificate or taken a minimum of 24 credits from PHCC. They must have demonstrated success within their chosen career or field of expertise, given significant community-based services, and be able to attend the awards ceremony, slated for May 17, 2013.

“This award recognizes the achievements of Patrick Henry Community College graduates,” said PHCC Interim Vice President of Institutional Advancement, Dr. James L. Beckner.  “The dinner honors individuals who found PHCC to be a stepping stone to significant professional and personal achievements. We will celebrate them with local press coverage, inclusion of their stories in the Foundation’s annual report, and a luncheon with the college president, Dr. Angeline Godwin.  Distinguished Alumni are also welcome to serve as ambassadors for the college.”

“We couldn’t be more proud of PHCC alumni and the way in which they demonstrate how their experiences at this college have helped shaped their lives and our communities.  They give credence to the PHCC slogan, ‘From here, you CAN go anywhere!’  This elite group is just a sampling of the many, many graduates who are successful in their chosen endeavors,” said Godwin.

Last year’s nominees included Gary Dove (1999), Paul Arnold Farrar II (1999), Mable Finney (1987), Kris Landrum (1990), Ralph Lawson (1982), and Becky Lovell (1994).  For a complete list of Distinguished Alumni since the program’s inception in 2006, visit the PHCC website:

Nomination forms are available from the Office of Institutional Advancement, Patrick Henry Community College, 645 Patriot Avenue, Martinsville, VA 24115 or by calling 276-656-0250 or emailing .  The form can also be accessed by visiting the PHCC website address listed above. 

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