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PHCC: Recertified as a Leader College

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Patrick Henry Community College had been recertified as a Leader College by Achieving the Dream, Inc. This designation means that PHCC has been nationally recognized for upward trends in student success measures and innovative ideas in delivering education, & increasing student engagement & completion.

“Being acknowledged at the national level as a Leader College is an accolade in which our entire community should take great pride," said Dr. Angeline Godwin, PHCC President.  "Patrick Henry Community College and the Achieving The Dream team have worked very hard to provide and sustain a teaching and learning community committed to student success.  Recertification is an affirmation of our success as a college; however, the true beneficiaries are our students and our community.”

Each Leader College approaches student success differently, but with the guidance of the ATD model and its coaches, they all implement data-informed programs and policies to build long-term, institution-wide commitment to student success, according to ATD. Successful efforts across many of the Leaders Colleges include college readiness programs, mandatory new student orientation, student success courses, developmental course redesign, curriculum redesign and intensive and individualized advising.

PHCC’s program focuses on increasing the success of students through  the use of collaborative learning, a teaching methodology in which students become active participants in the educational process.

Over the last three years, PHCC’s internal data has shown a 25% increase in two-year completion rates as well as a 26% increase in fall-to-fall retention rates. Moreover, PHCC continues to witness a decrease in the “success gap” between male/female students and between white and minority students. College administration directly tie these accomplishments to the impact that cooperative learning has had on student achievement efforts.

“This recognition from Achieving the Dream (ATD) solidifies PHCC's place among the most elite community college's in the country. Most importantly, it demonstrates the institution's continued commitment to on-going student success which is the hallmark of ATD," said Greg Hodges, Dean of Developmental Education and Transitional Programs, and coordinator of the PHCC ATD initiative. 

Recently, PHCC received word that it had been chosen to receive a Catalyst Grant, a follow-up grant from ATD .  for the college to use to “scale up” efforts of the ATD initiative by reaching even more students.