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Professional Development

Patrick Henry Community College strives to provide and support a learning community, not only for the students and members of our service area, but for our own college personnel. We provide professional development courses which are available to all college employees free of charge. These courses range from computer software to instructional techniques and tools. Additionally, our staff is constantly reviewing web sites and online tutorials to assist you in your pursuit of knowledge.
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SCALE Institute

Teaching Tips Soft-skill topics to help new and experienced teachers.

Please note the following:

·         Faculty (full-time and adjunct) are allowed to enroll in up to 6 credits at PHCC per semester.

·         Participation in any of these courses requires participants to complete and have approved the PHCC Continuous Learning Form (attached) prior to the beginning of the course.

·         There are NO TUITION COSTS or MANDATORY FEES associated with these courses, so these should be left blank.

·         While designed for professional development, these are one-credit courses which will include assignments, assessments, final grades, etc.

·         Questions about courses, course content, meeting dates, meeting times, etc. should all be directed to the specific course instructor.

·         Any alternative work schedules should be discussed with the immediate supervisor.



The five courses for fall 2015 are outlined below.


EDU 295-01 Topics in Mindfulness (67775)
This course is designed to introduce formal and informal mindful techniques that have been known to reduce stress, to help manage stress, and to increase focus and concentration.  This course will also provide practical applications and theoretical readings related mindfulness designed to assist community college employees.

Mondays 12-12:50pm
Instructor: Eric-Gene Shrewsbury
Start Date: This course has already started. Please contact Eric-Gene Shrewsbury to discuss late additions.
End Date: Dec 18


LGL 195-01 Topics in Estate Planning (68328)
This course will assist anyone who has assets, no matter how small, or those who want their medical wishes carried out. Life insurance policies may clearly assign the beneficiaries of that money, but they do not account for the other assets one may have including cash, home, real estate, car, bank accounts, valuable collections, and other belongings. This course will teach the basics of estate planning, wills, taxes, trusts, and conversations that must happen in order to execute end of life decisions. Participants will be given information on the particulars of estate planning such as how to take proper inventory of the assets currently in place, how to properly plan for the future distribution of assets, how to use a power of attorney, how to create a will, and how to create a living will. This course will also cover trusts and how best to incorporate charitable giving into one’s plan.

Thursdays 3-4:30 pm
Instructor: Jack Hanbury
Start Date: Sept 10
End Date: Nov 5


ITE 195-01 Topics in Excel for Educators (68319)
This course will introduce participants to the basics of Excel and the most utilized applications for the community college environment. Topics covered include creating and formatting excel worksheets using formulas and functions; enhancing, managing, and maintaining worksheets and workbooks; and, working with charts, inserting formulas, and enhancing excel worksheets and workbooks.

Mondays and Wednesdays 3-3:50pm
Instructor: Sandy Phillips
Start Date: Sept 14
End Date: Nov 2


ITE 295-01 Topics in Technology Tools for the Modern Classroom (69028)
This course will introduce participants to “Kewwwl Tools for the Modern Classroom.” It will cover tools associated with the internet, iPad, smartphones, apps, etc. and will assist instructors with immediately infusing the latest technology into their courses. Participants will explore not only the usefulness of technology but will also investigate ways of achieving student learning outcomes utilizing things that require little in the way of extra resources.

Select Fridays 1-2:50 pm (hybrid)
Instructor: Mark Nelson
State Date: Sept 18
End Date: Dec 4th


SDV 295-01 Topics in Strategic Leadership Development (TBA)
Strategic Leadership Development [“Strategic Leadership Cabinet”] focuses on the study of leadership principles and exemplary leadership styles, the application of leadership strategies, and the development of individual and collaborative leadership skills and competencies. Strategic Leadership Development is constructed to include mini-lectures, group projects, and community building exercises for participants to explore leadership in higher education.

Select Wednesdays 3-5pm
Instructor: Dr. Angeline Godwin
State Date: Sept 23
End Date: Dec 2
Note: Acceptance into this course is contingent upon participation in the PHCC Strategic Leadership Cabinet.