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Adkins, Chris - Health Science Advisor & Adjunct

Alderson, Patricia - EOC Financial Aid Specialist

Amos, Patti - Family and Community Engagement Specialist for MHC After 3

Anderson-Rusmisel, Patsy - Director of Student Support Services

Arrington, Eric - Senior Network Administrator

Ayers, John C. - Faculty, Agribusiness, Business, Horticulture & Viticulture Technology

Bannan, Gerry - Professor of Fine Arts

Bolio, Annette - MHC After 3: Bassett Community Center Site Director

Bowers, Rosemary - Admin & Support Spec III, Financial Aid, Veterans Coordinator

Boyd, Brian - HVAC Technician

Broome Amanda - Public Relations Specialist

Brown, Angie - Patrick County Site Facilitator

Brown, Jennifer - Student Entry Specialist

Bryant, Debbie - Financial Assistant

Bryant, Lindsey - Upward Bound Education Support Specialist III

Bryant, Mike - HVAC/Building Trades

Campbell, Robbie - Head Coach - Softball

Carter, Jessica - Registrar

Carter, Ronnie - Assistant Professor Accounting and Economics

Carter, Terence - Human Resource Generalist

Claggett, Sharon - Budget Director and Business Manager

Cobbler,Tammie - Housekeeping - Frith

Coffey, Lisa - College Success Program Specialist

Conner, Lori A. - Purchasing/Accounts Payable

Deal, David - Dean of Technology

Dillard, David - Assistant Professor of General Engineering Technology

Dillard, Kimberly - SIS Technician, Institutional Research

Dittler, Matthew - Assistant Professor of Biology

Divens-Moore, Joyce - Advisor

Dove, Gary - Chief of Police, Emergency Planning Coordinator

Dulaney, Kristin - Assistant Professor of Education and Early Childhood

Dye Ashley - EMS Program Director and Faculty

Eanes, Jay - Maintenance Lead

Edwards, Daniel - Instructor of Industrial Electronics Technology

Eggleston, Meghan - Coordinator of Admissions and Accelerated Learning

Ehmann, Sue-Ann - Executive Assistant to VP of Financial & Administrative Services

Ferguson, Colin - Dean of STEM-HAP

Ferguson, Randy - Media Director

Fields, Tracy - Associate Professor of Information Systems Technology

Finley, Lisa - Research Analyst, Institutional Research & Effectiveness

Finney, Torria - Inventory Specialist

Foley, Teresa - Administrative Assistant - STEM

Forbes, Tammy - Writing Center Coordinator

France, Cecil - MHC After 3 High School Director

Francisco-King, Shanna - Director, Upward Bound & MHC After 3

Gammons, Tammy - Nursing Faculty

Gibson, Jason - Assistant professor of biology

Gibson, Jencie - Executive Assistant to the President

Gibson, Lillie - Executive Assistant, Workforce Economic & Community Development

Gilley, Ken - Housekeeping Lead

Godwin, Angeline - President

Gravely, Reggie - Police Officer

Griggs, Ophelia - Academic Advisor/Retention Coach for Student Support Services

Guebert, Scott - disAbility Resources Counselor; 504/ADA Coordinator

Hairston, Kevin - IT Media Specialist

Hairston, Sheneka - EleVAte E&T Employment Assistance Professional

Hanbury, John - Vice President, Financial & Administrative Services / Title IX Coordinator

Harrison, Jan - SSDL Liaison, Great Expectations Coach

Haworth, Courtney - Upward Bound Math & Science Advisor

Henderson, Brian - Athletic Director / Head Womens Basketball Coach

Hendrix, Robbie - Financial Aid Assistant

Hodges, Casey - Special Projects/Baseball Coach

Hodges, Greg - Vice President of Academic and Student Success Services

Hodges, Rhonda - Vice President, Workforce, Economic and Community Development

Hoffman, Mike - Maintenance

Holland, Pam - Middle College and RVHI Office Specialist

Hollyfield, Jennifer - Chief Transfer Officer, Transfer Counselor, Student Advisor

Hooker, Natalie - Human Resource Analyst

Hopkins, Rick - Maintenance

Howell, Lynne B. - Lab Assistant, Patrick County Site

Hubbard, Melissa - Faculty, EMS

Hughes, Ashley - Education Support Specialist

Hughes, Chad - Welding Instructor

Huntress, Mark - Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Physics

Jacobs, Jessica - Motorsports Lab Assistant

Jagoda, Frank - Head Baseball Coach

Johnson, Gloria - Administrative Assistant for Adjunct Services Office

Keffer, Megan - Career Coach

Keith, Stephanie - Human Resource Assistant

Keller, Cynthia - Coordinator of Financial Aid

Koester, Robert W. - Culinary Instructor

Lachowicz, Jason - Professor of Mathematics

Lawson. Allen - Learning Lab/Testing Center Assistant

Lowe-Bonds, Lori - Career Coach

Mabry, Jason - Network Technician

Marshall, Beth - Educational Talent Search Advisor

Martin, Adrianne - Local Funds/Student Financials

Martin, Aileen C. - Cataloger Learning Resource Center

Martin, Charlie - Lab Assistant

Martin, Julie - PTA Associate Professor & Program Director

Martin, Teddy - Benefits Specialist

Mattox, Demario - Upward Bound Adviser

McAvoy, Shawn - Assistant Professor of History & Religion

Meador, Julie - Assoc. Prof. of Administrative Support Tech. & Legal Assisting

Miller, Bronte - Associate Professor Communication & Dev Math

Moore, Frances - Associate Professor of Biology

Morrison, Sarah-Beth - Coordinator of Grant Development

Morrison, Shelira - Recruitment and Marketing Specialist

Morton, Mark - Instructor of Industrial Electronics Technology

Neil, Twyla - Lab Assistant, Patrick County Site

Nelson, Mark W. - Distance Learning Specialist/Instructional Technologist

Nelson, Melanie, RN, BSN - Instructor of Nursing

Newcomb, Keith - Adjunct CADD Instructor

Niblett, Christina - Academic Advising Liaison

Oswalt, Kathy - Housekeeping - Walker

Owen, Todd - Maintenance

Parker, Rosie - Housekeeping - Motorsports and Dalton IDEA Center

Pearson, Cotina - Grants Accountant

Pendleton, Devin - Coordinator of Campus Life & Fine Arts | Patriot Players Artistic Director

Penn, Erica - MHC After 3: Magna Vista Site Director

Phillips, Nancy S. - Professor of Math, Business, & IST

Phillips, Sandra - Assistant Professor, Information Systems Technology

Plunk, Susan - Office Manager, Student Support Services

Price, Kathy - Administrative Coordinator

Proffitt, Kelly - Associate Professor of Mathematics, Volleyball Head Coach

Pruitt, Julie - Distance Learning Assistant

Pulliam, Letitia - Executive Assistant, Institutional Advancement, Campus Life, and PHCC Foundation

Ratliff, Matthew - Corporate and Donor Relations Coordinator

Ray, Betty Jo - Executive Assistant to the Academic Vice President

Reed, Amy - Marketing and Community Development Specialist

Reynolds, Barry - Coordinator of Library Services

Robbins, Mary Jane - Workforce Systems Specialist

Rorrer Sam - Education Support Specialist - Patrick County Site

Seaton-Martin, Marcia - Library Technician

Seay, Cindy - Media Specialist l

Setliff, Mark - IT Network/Desktop Technician

Shelton, Amber - Departmental Assistant

Shelton, Debbie - Nursing

Shotwell, Ron - Maintenance

Shrewsbury, Eric-Gene J. - Professor of Spanish and Mindful Patriot Program Facilitator

Sigmon, Brenda - Administrative Assistant for Upward Bound

Smith, Denver - Faculty, Motorsports Technology

Smith, J.R. - Athletic Trainer/Head Cross Country Coach/Fitness Coordinator/PED Instructor

Smith, Randy - Welding Instructor

Sowder, Ronnie - Maintenance

Spencer, Christy - Instructor, Middle College

Sprinkle, Tanya - Workforce Grants Specialist

Stafford, Jay - Learning Lab Trainer

Stanley, Brian - MHC After 3 Middle School Director

Stockton, Belinda - Director of Human Resources

Stone, Barbie - Housekeeping - Philpott

Straith, Paul - Maintenance

Tatum, Seberina - College Success Coach

Thomas, Brenell - Workforce Programs Coordinator

Thomas, Talmage - Instructor of Motorsports

Thompson, Donna - Housekeeping - West Hall

Thompson, Harold - Maintenance

Tisdale, Travis - Coordinator, Center for New Students

Underwood, Tiffani - Coordinator of Community Development Programs

Wade, Kenny - Athletic Facilities & Transportation Specialist, Men Basketball Coach

Wagner, Robbie - Faculty, Automotive & Auto Body Technology

Wagoner, Stephanie - Nursing

Walker, Phyllis - DMAC Tutor-Proctor

Wallace, Linda - Nursing

Warren, Regina - Career Services Support Specialist

Webster, Amy - Coordinator of Health Sciences

Weinerth, Robert - Head Coach Mens & Womens Golf

Wells, April - Developmental Mathematics Assessment Center (DMAC)

Whittle-Davis, Kathy - Coordinator, Workforce Transitional Grants

Wikstrom, Chris - Director of Institutional Research and Effectiveness

Williams, Belinda - Switchboard Operator/Receptionist

Williams, Cherica - Transitional Career Coach

Williams, Leslie - Switchboard Operator/Receptionist

Wilson, Jean - Alliance for Excellence, Coordinator

Wingfield, Rachael - Career Coach

Wooten, Tre - Middle College Assistant

Worley, Jason - Instructor of Biology

Worley, Patricia - disAbility Resources Advisor

Wright, Roberta - Facilities Director

Yaple, Christy - Director, Student Success Center

Young, Terry A. - Dean of Academic Success and College Transfer

Younger, Chadrick - Career Coach

Zimoski, Carol - Switchboard Operator/Receptionist

Zollars, Michelle - Associate Professor of Developmental English