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Hairston, Kevin - IT Media Specialist

Hairston, Sheneka - EleVAte E&T Employment Assistance Professional

Hampton, Bart - Security Officer

Hanbury, John - Vice President, Financial & Administrative Services / Title IX Coordinator

Harrison, Jan - College Success & Great Expectations Coach

Henderson, Brian - Athletic Director

Hendrix, Robbie - Financial Aid Assistant

Hodges, Casey - Special Projects/Baseball Coach

Hodges, Greg - Vice President of Academic and Student Success Services

Hodges, Rhonda - Vice President, Workforce, Economic and Community Development

Holland, Pam - Student Services Specialist

Hollyfield, Jennifer - Chief Transfer Officer, Transfer Counselor, Student Advisor

Hopkins, Rick - Maintenance

Howell, Lynne B. - Lab Assistant, Patrick County Site

Hubbard, Diane - Housekeeping

Hubbard, Melissa - Faculty, EMS

Hughes, Ashley - Education Support Specialist

Hughes, Chad - Welding Instructor

Huntress, Mark - Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Physics

Johnson, Gloria - Administrative Assistant for Adjunct Services Office

Jones, Virginia - Dean of Student Success and Enrollment Services

Joyce, Randolph - Security Officer

Keaton, James - Security

Keffer, Megan - Outreach Advising Specialist

Keith, Stephanie - Payroll Specialist

Keller, Cynthia - Coordinator of Financial Aid

Koester, Robert W. - Culinary Instructor