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Seaton-Martin, Marcia - Assistant Coordinator of Library Services

Seay, Cindy - Media Specialist l

Setliff, Mark - IT Network/Desktop Technician

Shelton, Amber - Departmental Assistant

Shelton, Debbie - Nursing

Short, Sarah - Assistant Coordinator for Educational Talent Search

Shotwell, Ron - Maintenance

Shrewsbury, Eric-Gene J. - Professor of Spanish, QEP Director, Mindful Patriot Program Facilitator

Sigmon, Brenda - Administrative Assistant for Upward Bound

Smith, Denver - Faculty, Motorsports Technology

Smith, J.R. - Athletic Trainer/Head Cross Country Coach/Fitness Coordinator/PED Instructor

Smith, Randy - Welding Instructor

Spencer, Christy - Instructor, Middle College

Sprinkle, Tanya - Workforce Systems Specialist

Stafford, Jay - Testing Center Manager

Stanley, Brian - MHC After 3 Assistant Coordinator

Stockton, Belinda - Director of Human Resources

Stone, Barbie - Housekeeping - Philpott

Tatum, Seberina - College Success Coach

Thomas, Brenell - Workforce Programs Coordinator

Thomas, Talmage - Instructor of Motorsports

Thompson, Donna - Housekeeping - West Hall

Tisdale, Travis - Coordinator of Advising

Ugbomah-Otunuya, Ikechukwu - Associate Instructor of Sociology

Underwood, Tiffani - Coordinator of Community Development Programs

Varner, LaDonna - English Instructor and Dual Enrollment Liaison