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Wade, Kenny - Men Basketball Coach

Wade, Matthew - Fab Lab Coordinator

Wagner, Robbie - Faculty, Automotive & Auto Body Technology

Wagoner, Stephanie - Nursing

Wallace, Linda - Nursing

Warren, Regina - Career Services Support Specialist

Watkins, Tom - Housekeeping

Webster, Amy - Coordinator of Health Sciences

Wells, April [Neblett] - Developmental Mathematics Assessment Center (DMAC)

Werkheiser, Cory - Career Services Specialist

Westover, Kristen Bishop - Vice President, Academic & Student Development

Whittle-Davis, Kathy - TARE Coordinator

Wikstrom, Christopher - Assistant Professor of Developmental Mathematics

Williams, Belinda - Switchboard

Williams, Cherica - Transitional Career Coach

Wilson, Jean - Alliance for Excellence, Coordinator

Wingfield, Rachael - Upward Bound Math & Science Advisor

Worley, Jason - Instructor of Biology

Worley, Patricia - Disability Resources Advisor

Wright, Angela - Associate Prof. of English, Communications Studies

Wright, Roberta - Facilities Director

Yaple, Christy - Director, Student Success Center

Young, Terry A. - Coordinator of Social Sciences
Professor of Legal Administration, History and Political Science

Zimoski, Carol - Receptionist

Zollars, Michelle - Associate Professor of Developmental English