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President’s Goals 2010 - 2011

Increase the number of individuals who are educated and trained by Virginia’s Community Colleges by 50,000 to an annual total of 423,000, with emphasis on increasing the number from underserved populations by at least 25,000 individuals.

1. Increase Enrollment from Underserved Populations

    • Increase enrollment in underserved populations by 3% over 2011-12.

2. Increase Enrollment in Postsecondary Programs by Middle College Participants

    • Enroll at least 50% of Middle College GED recipients in postsecondary community college programs.

3. Increase Enrollment of Students Served by Career Coaches

    • Increase the percentage of high school graduates from high schools served by a career coach who, within one year of graduation, enroll in a community college, as compared with 2010-11.

4. Expand Great Expectations Enrollments

    • Expand the number of students in the Great Expectations program by 25% over 2010-11.

5. Increase Use of Virginia Education Wizard

    • Increase the total number of profiles created in the Virginia Education Wizard over 2010-11.

Maintain tuition and fees at less than half of the comparable cost of attending Virginia’s public four-year institutions, and increase the annual number of students who receive financial assistance and scholarships by 36,000.

6. Increase Financial Aid Applicants and Recipients

    • Increase the number of students who apply for and who receive financial aid and scholarships by 10% over 2010-11.

7. Implement Pilot Financial Aid Shared Services Model

    • Monitor and report on implementation of pilot shared services model to process and award financial aid.

Increase the number of students graduating, transferring or completing a workforce credential by 50%, including increasing the success of students from underserved populations by 75%.

8. Redesign Developmental Education

    • Implement the redesign of developmental mathematics and develop curriculum and placement instrument for new developmental English structure.

9. Student Success Reporting

    • Provide comprehensive reporting on a variety of student success measures aligned with Achieve 2015 and the Reengineering Task Force recommendations.

10. Support Teaching Excellence

    • Provide a range of professional development activities for faculty, teaching-related staff, and emerging leaders to support teaching excellence.

11. Increase the Number of Student Completing Career Readiness Certificates by 5%.

12. Increase the number of General Education Certificate Completers.

13. By October 1, 2011, PHCC will submit to the Chancellor an update on the action plan developed by the college’s alumni of the 2011 Chancellor’s Developmental Education Institute

Double the annual number of employers provided training and services to 10,000, with a particular focus on high-demand occupational fields.

14. Serve Employers through College Courses and Programs

    • Increase the number of employers served through college credit and noncredit courses, customized training, and other outreach efforts by 2%.

Raise at least $550 million in cumulative gifts and grants to support the mission of Virginia’s Community Colleges.

15. Increase VFCCE Fundraising

    • Increase the PHCC Foundation fundraising totals by 10% from 2010-11.

In order to accomplish the goals set forth in Achieve 2015 and the Chancellor’s Goals, various management goals are necessary.

16. Meet Management Standards

    • Meet specified academic, administrative, and financial institutional Performance Standards (IPS) required to receive incentives provided for in the Higher Education Restructuring Act.

17. Conduct Credit Audit

    • Conduct a credit audit of academic programs in an attempt to reduce time-to-degree for students.

18. Continue Emergency Preparedness

    • Continue to improve and test Continuity of Operations Plans and procedures.

19. Project Management

    • By March 1, 2012, PHCC will submit reports on plans and current status for implementation of the technology project management standards and guidelines relative to Level 2.

20. Expand Diversity Recruitment

    • Increase diversity of teaching faculty by implementing college diversity recruitment plans.