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Accounting: Ronald Carter
Accounting Information Systems: Nancy Phillips
Administration of Justice and Criminal Justice: Pauline Satterfield
Administrative Support Tech./Clerical Studies/Office Assisting: Julie Meador
African American Studies: Roderick Neal and Sharon Gilbert
Agribusiness/Horticulture/Viticulture: John Ayers
Appalachian Studies: Phyllis Fleming
Automotive Technology/Automotive Engine Technology: Ed Anthony
Bookkeeping: Ronad Carter
Business Administration: Toby Deal and Ronald Carter
Computer Aided Drafting & Design Tech. (CADD): Lloyd Cannaday
Computer Service Technician: Frank Tatum
Culinary Arts / Culinary and Hospitality Mgt.: Bob Koester
Customer Support Specialist: Sandra Forrest and Tracy Fields
Developmental Studies: Carol Ford, Jandy Sharpe, Bronte Miller, David Dillard, Kelly Profitt, Joyce Divens-Moore, Michelle Zollars
Early Childhood Ed./Education Assisting/Early Childhood Inst./School Age Child Care: Susan Christian
Emergency Medical Services - Paramedic, Emergency Medical Technician- Basic, Intermediate, Paramedic: Amy Webster
Entrepreneurial Studies: Toby Deal
Game Design and Development: Marti Philips
Gender Studies: Cheryl Joyce and Sharon Gilbert
General Business/International Business/E-Commerce Mgt./Entreneurship/Management: Toby Deal
General Engineering Technologies: Jason Lackowicz and Mark Huntress
General Studies/General Education: Bronte Miller, David Dillard, Michelle Zollars, Terry Young, Phyllis Fleming,  Eric-Gene Shrewsbury, Shawn McAvoy, Gayle Wade, Angela Wright
Graphic Communications: Gerry Bannan
Health Sciences/Practical Nursing: Amy Webster
Human Services: Sharon Gilbert and Cheryl Joyce
HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration) /Building Trades: Mike Bryant
Industrial Controls/Industrial Maintenance Electronics: Rich Wilcox
Industrial Electronics Tech.: Rich Wilcox
Information Technology/Information Systems Technology: Marti Phillips
International Business: Toby Deal
Internet Services: Frank Tatum
Internet Webmaster: Tracy Fields and Frank Tatum
Legal Assisting : Julie Meador
Management/Management Assistant: Toby Deal
Manufacturing Technician: Rhonda Hodges
Medical Transcription/Medical Office: Julie Meador
Microcomputer Literacy: Sandra Forrest
Motorsports Management: Ed Anthony
Motorsports Technology: Lou LaRosa and Talmage Thomas
Motorsports Engine Technology: Lou LaRosa
Motorsports Fabrication & Setup Tech.: Talmage Thomas
Nursing: Amy Webster
Nurse Aide Training: Joe Gravely
Pharmacy Technician: Amy Webster and Sue Carol Carr
Recreation, Parks & Leisure Studies: Terry Young
Residential/Commercial/Industrial Electrician: Rich Wilcox
Science: Matthew Dittler, Brett Dooley, Kelly Proffitt and Jason Worley
Small Business Management: Toby Deal
Supervision: Toby Deal
Teacher Education Prep.: Joyce Staples, Tammy Forbes, Christopher Wikstrom, and Jan Sharpe
Theatre Arts: Gerry Bannan and Dan Spaugh
Therapeutic Massage: Amy Webster and Sue Carol Carr
Visual Arts/Art Studies: Gerry Bannan
Welding/Industrial Welding: Dwight Bower
Wellness: Sue Carol Carr 

The Counseling staff assists students in making informed decisions regarding their vocational, educational and personal plans. The PHCC Counselor is also available to assist in a crisis or stressful situation. You may contact Lois Collier at (276) 656-0222 for an appointment. Her office is located in the Walker Fine Arts/Student Center, Admissions and Counseling office, room 237.

Academic records shall be retained either on paper copy or electronically for permanent, three-year, and one-year periods at least as indicated below.

  • Permanent Retention - from date of student graduation or transfer from the college. Student Permanent Record - The record is retained electronically and the original may be destroyed afterward.
  • Three-Year Retention- from the date of student graduation or withdrawal from the college. These documents, which generally comprise the Student Admissions files, shall not be microfilmed.
    1. Application forms (Matriculated students)
    2. Letter(s) of acceptance
    3. Relevant admission correspondence
    4. Transcripts - other colleges
    5. Transcripts - high schools
    6. Immigration and Naturalization Service forms
    7. Advanced Placement information
    8. Readmission forms
    9. Withdrawal from college forms
    10. Residency classification forms
    11. Requests and disclosures of information (only transactions without student's permission)
  • Three-Year Retention- From date of origination. These documents shall not be microfilmed.
    1. Registration/Identification forms (hard copy)
    2. Add/Drop forms (hard copy)
    3. Withdrawal from class forms (hard copy)
    4. Faculty grade reports (Registrar's copy)
    5. Educational placement tests results
  • One-Year Retention- From date of origination. These documents shall not be microfilmed.
    1. Transcript request forms
    2. Graduation request forms
    3. Application forms (Non-matriculated students)
    4. Change of Grade forms
    5. Curriculum acceptance/change forms
    6. Graduation certifications
    7. Graduation checklists
    8. Name change requests and authorizations

Disposal/destruction of original records will be done by shredding, burning, pulping, or any combination thereof. The Student Permanent Record shall be the only official document of a student's academic history and for records reconciliation.