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PHCC makes every effort to accommodate individuals with disabilities for programs, services, and activities available to the public. To qualify for services, students must have:

1.    A qualified professional has established a formal diagnosis of a disability, or

2.    A history of a disability, or

3.    A history of being regarded as having a disability.

Available services depend on the nature of the disability and are determined on a case-by-case basis. Accommodations include but are not limited to: sign language interpreters, note takers, assistive technology equipment, and classroom accommodations, including alternate testing. 

Learning Resource Center Room 109D | 276-656-0257 |

Student Support Services is located in the Learning Resource Center (LRC) room 109.

Student Support Services Brochure.
Student Support Services Video
Student Support Services Handbook

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The Student Support Services program at Patrick Henry Community College began in 1988. It is a grant funded program through the U.S. Department of Education through Title IV and is commonly referred to as one of the "TRIO" programs which serves first generation (student's whose parent(s) did not graduate from college), low-income and/or students with disabilities.

The "TRIO" programs began in 1965 with passage of the Higher Education Act and originally included Educational Talent Search (for middle school students), Upward Bound (for high school students), and Student Support Services (for college students). These programs provide academic, financial, and other assistance to help first-generation, low-income students complete high school and enroll in and/or complete college. The U.S. Department of Education has expanded the "TRIO" programs to include Math & Science Upward Bound, Veterans, Upward Bound, the Ronald E. McNair Postgraduate program, and Educational Opportunity Centers. The Student Support Services program at PHCC is funded to serve 225 students each year with a grant of $318,050 per year.

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