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Physical facilities and resources are important in education by assuring accessibility to all students, college personnel, the community, and to comply  with ADA and OSHA requirements.  Patrick Henry Community College is committed to developing a facility and physical resources plan that is adequate for instruction and support services, and provides an acceptable, safe, and secure environment conducive to student learning and community service programs.  The Facilities Department exists to meet these needs and to provide a safe, functional and aesthetically pleasing environment.  We endeavor to deliver high quality service through planning, building, operating and maintaining facilities and grounds within a cooperative and accommodating schedule. 

How to Request Rooms/Vehicles   Effective 1/15/16

Request Event Form

Instructions for the form

You must complete the first 6 fields before you can select your room. Be sure to indicate the actual hours of your event, do not include setup and tear down time.

Enter the dates and times for your event then click [Generate Schedule].

If your event requires a location/Room, you must select that choice then you may select a room.

You can either search for a room or go directly to the Available Rooms area. If you search for a room you must then go to the Available Room area and "Select" your room.

Be sure to indicate any setup and tear down times if needed.

Once you have selected your room(s) you will go to the Schedule Facility Booking(s) area and save your room reservation.

If you are booking the event for someone else, please indicate the contact information for that party in the space provided.

Request Event Form

The Patrick Henry Community College Police Department’s mission is to provide a safe and secure campus for our community. We believe that our role does not end there. We feel strongly that our community needs both to be safe and feel safe. The perception of safety contributes to the overall college experience, facilitates teaching and learning, and supports the mission of Patrick Henry Community College.

We strive to enforce the law as well as college rules and regulations in a manner that supports the missions of both the College Police Department and Patrick Henry Community College whenever and wherever possible. The Patrick Henry Community College Police Department believes by embracing a proactive Community Policing/Customer Service Based philosophy, we will be able to create a partnership with our campus constituents, as well as our neighbors. A close community partnership is the best way to prevent crime and enhance safety. We will preserve public safety and foster a better quality of life by providing the services necessary to accomplish this mission and make the college a better place to work, visit and learn.

PHCC Crime Report 2014-15

To help meet your educational expenses, Patrick Henry Virginia Community College is pleased to participate in the TMS tuition payment plan. For a non-refundable enrollment fee, TMS allows you to pay your tuition in monthly, interest-free payments. The earlier you enroll, the more payment options you may have and the less the enrollment fee. Payments are deducted around the 20th of each month depending upon whether you opt to make your payments by ACH or by credit card. See the above PDF file for enrollment dates and fees.

•Sign into myPHCC.

•Click VCCS SIS: Student Information System.

•Enroll in classes.

•Go to Self-Service Student Center.

•Scroll down to the Finances section.

•Under My Account click Apply TMS Payment Plan.

 •This will take you to the Account Summary page where you will find the link Apply TMS Payment Plan. Selecting this link will take you to the TMS Application which will be prefilled with your name, Student ID number and current account balance as shown in the Total Due column in the section "What I Owe."

•Please read the terms and conditions carefully. After completing the application, agreeing to the terms and conditions and making the required down payment, you will be instructed to click the Submit and Activate button to activate your agreement. A confirmation and agreement number will be displayed which should be printed for your records. An email will be sent to the email address you entered and a service indicator will be placed on your account to hold your classes. The contract amount will be updated whenever a payment is made or when financial aid is disbursed to your account.

•To exit, click Sign Out.