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Board of Directors

The Foundation Board of Directors is composed of people from the college service area who represent positive leadership and community influence and who have expressed an interest and desire to use their influence on behalf of the college through the foundation.  For more information about the PHCC Foundation, contact the Office of Institutional Advancement, 276-656-0250.

Chair: Gary Collins, Martinsville
Vice Chair: James L. Beckner, Jr., Martinsville
Treasurer: Smith Chaney, Jr., Martinsville
Secretary: Pam Allen, Martinsville

Davis, Martha C. - Martinsville
Dillon, Len - Stanleytown
Eason, Margie - Martinsville
Ford, James - Martinsville- honorary
Gale, Linda – Collinsville
Goad, Bill – Stuart
Godwin, Angeline - Martinsville
Haley, Ron - Stuart
Hamlet, Virginia - Bassett -honorary
Kirby, Bill - Martinsville
Laine, Kevin – Ridgeway              
Lampe, Amy - Martinsville
Lawson, Ralph - Martinsville
Lester, J.D. - Martinsville - honorary
Lester, Louise - Martinsville - honorary
Martin, Tim - Martinsville
Moore, Nancy - Martinsville
Muehleck, James -Martinsville
Muehleck, Jason - Martinsville
Nichols, Brian -Martinsville
Pannill, Will - Martinsville - honorary
Payne, Doug - Martinsville
Petty, Bob - Bassett - honorary
Philpott, Joe - Martinsville - honorary
Purvis, David - Martinsville
Reynolds, Kimble - Martinsville
Ryder, Larry - Martinsville - honorary
Scales, J. Shelton -Martinsville-honorary
Severt, Eliza - Martinsville - honorary
Shough, Carolyn - Ridgeway
Simington, Paulette -Martinsville
Smith, Sebrena – Ridgeway
Stermer, Carol - Martinsville - honorary
Washburn, G.B., Jr. – Martinsville
Wingett, Max - Collinsville - honorary