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Tutor Manual

Student + Tutoring Services = Success


The items listed below give some ideas of how to become a tutor and the benefits of being a tutor as well as benefits of being tutored. Once you are trained as a tutor you will receive the expanded version of the Tutor Training Manual.



 The Student Support Services Program is a federally funded project dedicated to making the learning experiences of participants successful. The program consists of counseling services, instructional and extracurricular educational services, and activities. Tutoring is available free of charge for all students who need assistance with their course work. Tutors meet with individuals or in small groups. Seminars and workshops are often provided to help students improve skills on note-taking, test-taking and time management. 
 The Academic Learning Center is located on the first floor of the Learning Resource Center and provides academic support to all students at Patrick Henry Community College.


The goals of the Academic Learning Center are to:
Goal 1: Provide remedial and other programs that teach skills which
maximize the learning potential, academic performance and
adjustment of students.
Goal 2: Provide faculty with services and resources for improving
teaching and supplement classroom instruction.
Goal 3: Offer individual and self-paced programs.
Goal 4: Help students develop positive attitudes and confidence in their
ability to learn.
Goal 5: Encourage innovation, learning, and community services by
providing facilities and resources which makes these possible.
Goal 6: Provide a staff which is qualified, concerned and involved in
serving the needs of students, faculty and the service region. 
 DEFINITION OF A TUTOR: A student who has been trained to assist fellow students in adjusting to, and successfully functioning within, the higher education setting. You are in a position to help make the educational experience more meaningful and beneficial to other students. Similarly, you have the potential for bringing about negative results unless you use extreme care at all times. One's peer group is the singularly most potent environmental influence on a student's development in the college setting. How students view themselves and others is more likely to be influenced during the college years than how they reason and solve problems. Tutors have the potential to become a role model. Your personal demeanor and actions exhibit to others how they might achieve the positive results of both responsible and self-directed living.