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Associate in Applied Science

Associate in Applied Science degrees provide two years of instruction to develop knowledge and skills leading to employment of career advancement in specialized fields. These degrees are not intended as transfer programs.

AWARD:  Associate in Applied Science

LENGTH:   4 Semesters

The curriculum is designed to provide a theoretical and practical understanding of the criminal justice profession in local, state, and federal criminal justice systems.

The program prepares students for career service in the following areas: local and state police departments, federal agencies, correctional institutions, and security officers in commercial or industrial areas.

Students must meet the general admission requirements established by the college. Students with deficiencies in English or mathematics will complete appropriate developmental studies courses. Students with deficiencies in computer skills will complete additional coursework.


The student must satisfactorily complete all general education, program and elective requirements to receive this degree.

General Education Requirements (21 Credits):

ENG 111-112  College Composition I-II  (6)
MTH 120  Introduction to Mathematics (3)
HIS 101-102 History of Western Civilization (6)
[or HIS 121-122 U.S. History I-II (6)]
[or PLS 211-212 U.S. Government I-II (6)]
CST 110  Introduction to Communication (3)
Wellness (3)--Health, P.E. or recreation courses which promote physical and emotional well being.

Program Requirements (42 Credits):

ADJ 100  Survey of Criminal Justice (3)

ADJ 105  The Juvenile Justice System (3)

ADJ 107  Survey of Criminology (3)

ADJ 111  Law Enforcement Organization & Administration I (3)

ADJ 130 Introduction to Criminal Law (3)

ADJ 131  Legal Evidence I (3)

ADJ 146  Adult Correctional Institutions (3)

ADJ 228  Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs (3)

ADJ 236  Principles of Criminal Investigation (3)

ADJ 237  Advanced Criminal Investigation (3)

ADJ 280 Capstone Project (1)

ADJ-299 Core Competencies and transitional readiness (1)

ITE 115  Intro. Computer Applications & Concepts (3)

PSY 200  Introduction to Psychology I (3)

SOC 200 Introduction to Sociology I (3)

SDV 101  Introduction to the ADJ Program (1)


Electives (3 Credits)


Minimum required for degree:  67 Credits



Fall Semester
ADJ 100 Survey of Criminal Justice (3)
ADJ 131 Legal Evidence I (3)
ENG 111 College Composition I (3)
ITE 115 Intro. Computer Applications & Concepts (4)
CST 110 Introduction to Communication (3)
SDV 108 College Survival Skills (1)
     Total Credit Hours: 17

Spring Semester
ADJ 107 Survey of Criminology (3)
ADJ 130 Introduction to Criminal Law (3)
ADJ 236 Principles of Criminal Investigation  (3)
ENG 112 College Composition II (3)
PSY 200 Introduction to Psychology (3)
Wellness  (3)
     Total Credit Hours: 18


Fall Semester
ADJ 146 Adult Correctional Institutions (3)
ADJ 111 Law Enforcement Organization & Administration (3)
MTH 120 Introduction to Mathematics (3)
PLS 211 U.S. Government I (3)
  (or HIS 101 or HIS 121)
SOC 200 Introduction to Sociology (3)
     Total Credit Hours: 15

Spring Semester
ADJ 105 The Juvenile Justice System (3)
ADJ 228 Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs  (3)
ADJ 237 Advanced Criminal Investigation (3)
ADJ 280 Capstone Project (1)
PLS 212 U.S. Government II (3)
  (or HIS 102 or HIS 122)
Elective  (3)
     Total Credit Hours: 16

Total Semester Hours:  67

An individual project for Administration of Justice students will be designed to enhance the student's knowledge on a topic in the field of criminal justice of their choosing and may include research and internships.