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Students who live within PHCC’s service region (Martinsville, Henry County, Franklin County and Patrick County) are required to take all proctored tests on campus or at the Franklin or Patrick County Site. Students living outside the Martinsville and Henry County area must complete a Student-Proctor Agreement form and submit to the Testing Center for approval.

Proctor Requirement – PHCC must be able to verify proctor’s employment and position within an organization. We reserve the right to decline requests for proctors for any reason. Proctors……..
* MUST be a community college or university testing center, an education administrator,  full-time college or university faculty member or a professional librarian
      - Military students may use an educational officer, or any commissioned officer of higher rank
* IF a student has a legitimate reason they are not able to use one of the above, the student may suggest an alternative proctor (preferably an educator). The proctor would have to be approved by both the Testing Center and Instructor before testing material can be sent.
* CANNOT be an employee, someone with whom you work, athletic coach, or student worker
* CANNOT be a family member, resident at the same address as the student, a friend, nor neighbor

* The student secures a Student Proctor Agreement form and returns the completed form (filled out and signed by both student and proctor) to PHCC Testing Center in the Learning Resource Center. Forms must be submitted to the Testing Center at least 1 week prior to taking their test.
* Upon approval, all tests/passwords will be sent directly to the Proctor when received from instructor.
* The proctor will administer the exams in a quiet and secure environment, insuring the testing instructions are followed. Students are not allowed books, notes, or calculators unless otherwise instructed. For online tests, the student logs in to their course and the proctor is to enter the password. Under no circumstance is the student allowed access to the Password.
* The test proctor maintains the integrity of the tests at all times. Students are only allowed access to tests at the time of administration. No photocopies allowed. Students are not allowed any electronic device (cell phones, IPODS, BlackBerry, etc.), nor headphones while taking tests.
* If there is a problem while taking a computer exam, it is the proctor’s responsibility to immediately notify the instructor either by phone or email informing the instructor of the problem. If this is not done, the student may not be able to retake the exam.
* The proctor is responsible for mailing the original paper test(s) back to the Testing Center if required.
* Any fees for proctoring are solely the responsibility of the student and the student is responsible for reimbursement of mailing costs where necessary.

After reading the information above, complete the agreement below and mail or fax to:
Patrick Henry Community College
LRC Testing Center
645 Patriot Avenue
Martinsville, VA 24112
Fax#: 276-632-0163

Forms must be submitted to the Testing Center at least 1 week prior to taking their test.  Contact Information: 276-656-0358 or

Student Proctor Form

Note: If you have a disability or other need for reasonable accommodations in order to successfully complete the requirements of this course, please contact Student Support Services [Learning Resource Center, 656-0257 or 1-800-232-7997 ext. 0257, ] to discuss this matter confidentially.

Student-Proctor Agreement
Patrick Henry Community College LRC Testing Center
645 Patriot Avenue, Martinsville, VA 24112
     Fax # 276-632-0163