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Workforce, Economic, and Community Development provides training services to employers to:

  • Enable new businesses to be fully operational upon opening
  • Improve organizational productivity and performance
  • Promote a competitive edge for emerging companies
  • Provide access to experienced and credentialed instructors
  • Reduce the need for special training staff
  • Reduce time and research to identify and design effective training programs
  • Reduce the need for designated space and special equipment for training

Customized Training

Training can be customized to align with your organization’s needs, scheduling demands, and budgetary circumstances. A thorough assessment of your organization is done to develop solutions that fit organizational needs and culture, and deliver services that provide a return on investment. Examples of training that has already proven successful with local employers include: Customer Service, Industry-Specific Skills, Job Skills Assessments, Leadership Foundations, and Occupational Spanish.

Pre-Employment Training

Pre-employment training assesses applicants on skill areas specific to the needs of the employer and development of a customized training. Pre-employment training is a proven method to identify the best applicants in the community and train potential employees on key elements of the job. 

Job Skills Assessment

Assessing candidates at the early stages of the hiring process saves interviewing time and identifies strong candidates. For your current staff, assessment can be the key to putting employees into a position in which they can be successful, based on their current skill and competencies. 

Contact Brenell Thomas | 276-656-0267 | | Frith Hall - Room 106