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All About Herbs – Herbs for Stress
Instructor: Kris Landrum. The holidays are over. You're broke, bloated and blue.  We can't do anything about the money, but we can introduce you to some ways to help clean out your system and brighten your outlook through the use of herbs.  Session will include discussion and hands-on activity.

All About Herbs – Herbs for Love
Instructor: Kris Landrum. February is the month for love. Learn how herbs have been used through throughout time as love "potions" and even make some of your own!  Session will include discussion of myths and lore and the role of herbs in the timeless pursuit of love.

All About Herbs – Herbs for Spring Cleaning
Instructor: Kris Landrum. It may still feel like the dead of winter, but you can invite spring and sunshine into your home by using natural cleansers and other herbal products.  Perfect for those with low tolerance for chemical cleaners. Participants will learn about the astringent and anti-bacterial properties of some herbs and create some product to take home.

All About Herbs – Fool for Herbs
Instructor: Kris Landrum. It is no joke that herbs can help stimulate brain power!  Learn about some herbs that help with memory, clearer thinking and overall health. Session will include discussion and samples. Cost: $35

Monday, 4/21/14, 5:30-8:30 pm [59883] HOST 135-51

All About Herbs – Plant, Harvest, Use!
Instructor: Kris Landrum. Now is the time to plan your herb garden.  Session will include discussion on planting and maintaining herbs in the ground, harvest times and methods, and some useful things to do with your harvest. Cost: $35

Monday, 5/19/14, 5:30-8:30 pm [59884] HOST 135-51

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