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Clinical Gross Anatomy

Patrick Henry Community College is partnering with Dr. Noel Boaz and the Integrative Centers for Science and Medicine to offer a comprehensive, eight-week course in Clinical Gross Anatomy. This intensive eight-week course builds understanding in a stepwise fashion from simple to more complex structural levels of the human organism, tied to function and dysfunction at each level. Students are able to dissect and readily see anatomical features using soft-embalmed cadavers.

This course utilizes all soft-embalmed cadavers, following the Thiel Method. Developed at the Anatomical Institute in Graz, Austria, by Professor, Dr. Walter Thiel, the method results in a formaldehyde-fume-free preservation that imparts natural color and flexibility of structures. Thiel embalming has been performed at the Virginia State Anatomical Program, Richmond. Higher quality student dissections result, recommending this method for active learning. Tissue planes separate more readily, reducing lab time for many dissections.

The course is open to current medical/graduate students, clinicians, and anatomists and will be limited to 24 attendees. For those who cannot attend for the full eight weeks, regional portions of the course can be taken, and weekend workshops will be held to introduce specific topics, such as ultrasound imaging on the Thiel-embalmed body. To learn more, visit

Contact Information:
Course Director, Dr. Noel T. Boaz
Integrative Centers for Science and Medicine
22 East Chucch Street, Suite 312
Martinsville, VA 24112-6208
Tel. 276-403-5086 FAX 276-638-2669

Registration Fee: $300
Course Tuition: $2700


This non-credit program is managed by:
Workforce Development and Continuing Education
Phone: 276.656.0260