Artisans Center of Virginia Studio School

Artisans Center of Virginia Studio School is a Workforce Development initiative that focuses on honing the vocational and trade skills of Virginia artisans while providing them with the business and entrepreneurial training needed to operate market and sell their products and services.

All courses held at the Artisan Center, a program of Patrick Henry Community College. Instruction provided by Artisans Center of Virginia Studio School.

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Instructor: Sherri Smith. Have you thought about your art from the retailer’s perspective? Many artists in their desire to expand their market and diversify their outlet points are beginning to turn to independent retailers. In turn, because of today’s market swings increasingly more retailers are looking for ways to abate the risk of wholesaling by commissioning works from artists who can meet their client demographic. Pricing, Commission, Competition, Seasonal Considerations, Proximity, Time Management, Co-branding & Marketing, Inventory/Point of Sale Restrictions are but few of the nuances that artist must understand when working with a retailer. In this workshop Sherri will share key factors to consider when considering a sales relationship with a retailer. Although retail displays are often quite beautiful, the retailer is focused on the sell, not the show’s a no-nonsense approach that can be win-win for artist and retailer when everyone understand the ground rules. [ARTS 197]

Instructor: Sherri Smith.In this workshop Sherri will cover the basic components that you need to consider when contemplating an artistic business endeavor. You have the talent but have you developed a business owner’s mindset while considering the systems and scalable solutions that will be needed to follow through with your artistic entrepreneurial effort? What is your unique idea? What is your selling proposition? What are your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to the operations of your endeavor? Who are your competitors? Collaborators? Understanding that an artist's desire is to create and be successful at their art, Sherri will outline some of the building blocks and time factors that can aid you in growing your business while preserving the reason you decided to advance your art in the first place....the love of your artistic creations! [ARTS 180]

Instructor: Cara DiMassimo. This master glass class will cover the tools, supplies and techniques you'll need to create your own "sand art" tiles, jewelry, and more. We will also explore creating multi-layer dichroic glass for jewelry, or for use in larger projects. The instructor will share some of her top-secret tips and tricks for achieving truly unique glass effects that will help take your glass art to the next level! A reception provided during the first class session. [ARTS 177]

Instructor: Mark Miller. Having trouble getting photographs of your work for a website or to submit to a show? Are you tired of digital photos that make your creations look dull or are the wrong color? This class will teach you simple methods of photographing your work and how to size them properly for website uploading. We will explore some online photo editing programs to help you size with ease. We will cover background choices, light sources, camera and lens selection and exposure tips to improve your photographs. We will learn ways to make your images sharper and the colors in your photographs more accurate. In one evening I will answer questions and demonstrate equipment and methods that will help you create better photographs of your creations. [ARTS 182]

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