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Chamber Business Alliance

Martinsville-Henry County Chamber of Commerce has partnered with Workforce Development and Continuing Education to deliver a series of classes taught by credentialed, experienced professionals, many of them Chamber members. These classes offer current, relevant, and affordable instruction, for owners, managers and employees of any business and other performance-based organization.

Instructor: Tim Hall, Administrator for Henry County. Don't short-change yourself in your career or your life by ignoring your communication and presentation skills. Does nervousness make you feel like you've blown it whenever you speak in public? No one is born a great communicator. It takes coaching and practice. This class offers a safe place to practice and improve the skills needed for working, socializing, coaching, teaching, supervising, selling, litigating, and entertaining. [BUSC 306]

Instructor: Phyllis Fleming, English Faculty, PHCC. Did you realize all caps communicates certain emotions? STOP YELLING AT ME! Sign up and come learn several helpful tips that may strengthen your email communications. In this hands-on workshop, participants will gain practice using relevant examples that will address professionalism, grammar, sentence structure, and appropriate punctuation. [ITEC 303]

Instructor: Tim Prillaman, Founder and President of The Prillaman Group, Inc. Positive employee/employer relationships help motivate employees, enhance morale, and contribute to increased productivity. Topics covered include positive organizational culture, employee involvement, effective communication, disciplinary action, and complaint resolution. [BUSC 345]

Instructor: Brenell Thomas, Workforce Programs Coordinator, PHCC. This workshop discusses Professionalism in the workplace, business etiquette, dress, and maintaining a positive attitude in the workplace. [BUSC 346]

Instructor: Tim Prillaman, Founder/President of The Prillaman Group, Inc. Your business success depends on hiring the best people. Learn to ensure the best "fit factor" before you hire with this session. Hiring mistakes are extremely expensive. Learn powerful tips to eliminate costly bad hires! Learn to assess needs, evaluate candidate skills, attributes and knowledge. This session is packed with lots of tips on the entire interviewing process including behavioral interviewing, background and reference checking. Learn to recognize and hire the "superstars"! [BUSC 308]

Instructor: Mark Nelson, Webmaster, PHCC. This hands-on workshop is great for anyone interested in exploring the features of Google Application. Small Business, Non-Profits, Schools, and YOU! Learn how Gmail and Google Calendar can keep your employees connected and save your company time and money. Become familiar with how Google Apps give employees access to critical information, and help you stretch resources and work smarter. [ITEC 401]

Instructor: Michael Palmer, Information Technology Manager for New College Institute. You've got a cool new gadget, but now what do you do with it?  Learn standard operating procedures to keep your device (and data) safe and secure. Explore free apps to help manage your stock portfolio, find your favorite actors and much more. [ITEC 137]

Instructor: David Dickerson, Principal of Business Results Training, LLC. This workshop helps Middle Managers discover the Pivotal Role they play within the company. Through lecture and various exercises, middle managers will learn how to leverage their knowledge of operations and processes as well as first-hand relationships with customers and front-line employees to make change happen. Participants will learn how to determine what are the important issues, where problems exist, and where opportunities lie. [BUSC 307]

Facilitator: Rhonda Hodges, Dean, WDCE, PHCC. You may have heard the saying, "you have to go 50 miles from home to be an expert", but all too often we overlook the expertise and resources available in our own backyard. You're invited to join Patrick Henry Community College for a dialogue presented by leaders from our local community. They run our companies, our schools, and our community organizations. A facilitated discussion will give you an opportunity to learn how this panel of leaders with diverse backgrounds and experiences has been successful in their chosen fields. Participants will also take questions from our audience (time allowing). [BUSC 201]

Instructor: Beth Deatherage, Sales Manager and Project Coordinator of HD Web Design. Learn how to leverage social media with minimum cost, connect with your customers right away on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, and find and connect with prospects using social media. You will leave knowing how to build professional online profiles using the latest techniques that deliver strong brand connection with your market and how to use online Facebook Ads, Contests and Places to drive foot traffic into your business. Improve the bottom line by reducing costs through hands-on training that empowers business owners to manage social media internally. [ITEC 405]

Instructor: Randy Ferguson, Media Director, PHCC. We all use math skills in our jobs every day. However, like many skills we gained in younger years, if we don’t use it we lose it. This workshop will help you improve your math skills by using hands-on activities. You will gain several tools to help increase your problem-solving skills with practical examples that relate to the workplace. The ideal participants may work in a manufacturing setting where they are responsible for reading a ruler, understanding fractions, and possibly converting measurements. [MATH 106]

Instructor: Van Drewery, Adjunct Faculty, PHCC. Becoming a good thinker and problem solver requires an active and continuous lifelong process. It serves as a guide to beliefs and actions. Participants explore and follow logical steps to finding the best solution with well-defined facts and resources. Once these steps are investigated, an enjoyable scenario will be actively solved by the participants. [BUSC 110]

Instructor: Dr. Angeline Godwin, President and English Instructor, PHCC. Have you ever had days where you feel like you are running in circles? Whether you are just entering the workforce, entering a new role, or seasoned with your organization, time management in the workplace is an important skill that everyone must possess. Join us for this workshop where you will use practical tips to gain a more balanced life, minimize your stress and become more efficient. [BUSC 161]

Instructor: Tim Hall, Administrator for Henry County. Participants will learn how to communicate more effectively and professionally to your supervisors, your peers, and your subordinates. [COMM 103]

Courses are offered each fall and spring semester. Check our non-credit course schedule for upcoming classes! If interested in taking a class and it is not on our schedule at this time, email us to sign up today. When we obtain the minimum number of students required, we will contact you to schedule the class at your convenience. If you are an employer, our workforce training staff can tailor classes to align with your organization’s distinct needs. Please email us with your request.


This non-credit program is managed by:
Workforce Development and Continuing Education
Phone: 276.656.0260