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Customer Service Workshops

Effective customer service is crucial for organizations across all industries and sectors, public and private. The following workshops provide vital skills to enhance your customer service practice.

Customer Service: Essential Skills for Giving Better Service
Workshop presented by Brenell Thomas, Workforce Programs Coordinator, PHCC. From making a good impression to closing up shop, there are specific actions every employee who connects with customers can take to enhance the service experience. During this fast-paced, interactive workshop, participants will learn the importance of first impressions, how to handle customers professionally, how to deal with difficult situations, email etiquette, and review of actions they can take to deliver exceptional customer service. Cost: $25. Employers: Buy one, get one free!

Workshop presented by Dr. Betty Jo Foster, Adjunct Instructor, Danville Community College. Management's role is to model the practices that are exemplary for the front line staff. Participants will learn how to define customer service and identify customers. The workshop will also cover the importance of first impressions and perceptions, communication, and dealing with difficult people. [BUSC 339]

Workshop presented by Bobbie Walker, Partnership Marketing Education Director for Virginia Tourism Corporation. Using our best communication skills to deal with conflict will result in a stronger organization, a better relationship with your customers, and a team that is dedicated to results. This workshop will focus on strategies to embrace complaints as a way to re-engage customers, empower staff to effectively deal with difficult situations, learn when to say "no" in a respectfully, but authoritative manner, and recognize complaint management as a critical element of your business strategy. [BUSC 294]

In this ever changing consumer world, high quality, quick resulting service is paramount. This session is designed to make even the seasoned participant become more aware of: learning the importance of non-verbal communication on the phone and face to face; utilizing proper business etiquette and appropriate appearance; using correct pronunciation; assessing the customer’s needs immediately; assisting in the customer’s language; re-enforcing the art of business writing; building long term relationships with customers; and leaving a high level of satisfaction in the customer’s mind. This session will feature speaker and trainer, Laura Hamilton, CSP, as she helps participants raise their awareness of putting the customer first. This practical, humor laced session is one you will not want to miss. [BUSC 372]

Workshop presented by Bobbie Walker, Partnership Marketing Education Director for Virginia Tourism Corporation. Superior customer service is an organization’s or individual’s ability to consistently and constantly exceed customer expectations. The reward for your efforts is a loyal customer who returns again and again to purchase your product or visit your destination. To earn your customers’ repeat business you need to focus on Attitude, Consistency, Service and Teamwork. Attitude is EVERYTHING. With a positive attitude and sincere desire to serve others, you will earn the loyalty of your customers and the respect of your teammates. [BUSC 197]

Workshop presented by Bobbie Walker, Partnership Marketing Education Director for Virginia Tourism Corporation. Like athletic coaches, good managers have a knack for identifying the talent of individuals on their team, then applying each person's talent to achieve a top performance. To empower employees a great manager spends time guiding, coaching, directing and sharing information. If you are dedicated to improving the performance of your team, first take a look at your abilities as a manager. Learn to become the catalyst for a high performance team. [BUSC 293]

This non-credit program is managed by:
Workforce Development and Continuing Education
Phone: 276.656.0260